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Why micro-agencies bring focus to your marketing strategy.

If you want to expand your audience reach and introduce new services or products to your customers, advertising is the fastest and most effective way to cast your net. It is also one of the best ways to support your sales team and bring thought-leadership content and insight to support your customers needs. However, many businesses still make the mistake of going with a large advertising agency instead of finding a micro-agency that offers bespoke, personalised services and custom strategies. A micro marketing agency is a small, independent agency with 1 to 25 employees that handles strategy, online marketing, design, web development, data and analytics, reporting, and many other facets of advertising and marketing operations. While you might think micro-agencies don’t have the bandwidth to handle mid+ clients, that’s actually a common misconception. Micro-agencies build their reputation on the quality of their creative services specifically tailored for their clients. They are able to focus on their goals and needs and build long-term relationships that drive results.

What are the main benefits of micro-agencies?

When you are searching for a team to handle your marketing needs, micro-agencies offer more choice and are much more cost effective offering bespoke services designed to bring greater efficiency and support business growth. Our clients at savvydesk.co.uk tell us that their strategies often take too long to implement or for a larger agency to get under the skin of what is needed. There can sometimes be a lack of consistency and overall the service feels more generic and less-tailored to their goals and needs. One client told us that they felt they were stepping in to a one-size-fits-all strategy - and clearly that should never be the case! Pulling together a cohesive framework involves a partnership between client and agency and should put the following key points front and centre:

  • More research, time and attention to your business’ marketing goals from the outset

  • Customised marketing strategies that incorporate a cross functional and multi-channel approach (social media, lead generation, SEO, branding, design)

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of needs and budget optimisation

  • Greater accountability with data, analysis, and reporting

Highly customisable solutions are easily achieved with a dedicated team that acts as an extension of your company.

Here are our top 6 reasons why a choosing. a micro-agency is the way to go:

1. More in-tune with their clients

When micro-agencies partner with a new client, they go above and beyond to service all their needs. Larger agencies tend to prioritise work from the corporate sector over smaller/mid size businesses. Micro-agencies are often more passionate and committed about helping their clients achieve their goals because they see it as an extension of their own success.

2. Straightforward integration

There are many management layers within a larger agency. Onboarding and integration with a smaller agency is more straightforward because they are able to dedicate more time to the process and start to implement small changes from the get-go whilst developing a broader strategy with their clients. This approach also means you will have better communication, faster project management and quicker turnaround for deliverables.

3. More personalised social media strategies

Many businesses are terrified of social media and also about handing this over to someone else. But many businesses really don't have the time to do this in a meaningful way. Social channels need constant attention, but they also need tailored, impactful and personalised content - not just scroller fodder. All social strategy should incorporate customer service, sales, and marketing teams so that everyone is on the same page. This level of attention rarely goes into social marketing strategies diluting brand image and voice. A smaller agency can build a closer relationship with their clients business and establish a personalised social strategy by quickly inhabiting their clients core ethos and values.

4. Quality content and faster deliverables

Micro-agencies work hard for your business and know that faster deliverables are key. Often the appointment is the result of a renewed focus on marketing activities and alongside this there is a huge wave of momentum and expectation. That said, the output should be fine-tuned and our approach has always been to aim for quality over quantity. An agile micro-agency should recognise the need to reach their customers target market(s) in insightful and engaging ways that are designed to sustain meaningful relationships along the buyer journey.

5. Cost-effectiveness

It might sound obvious but, the bigger the agency the greater the cost. Overheads are obviously higher and they have to absorb these expenses in their fees. It isn't always clear who is working on your project or whether they are even experts in certain strategies or development. Micro-agencies often offer niche services and have dedicated experts such as social strategists, designers, and developers. Micro-agencies are able to be more transparent and upfront about their pricing, and at matching their skills and services to the project.

6. Are you getting what you are paying for?

Often larger agencies outsource specialist tasks themselves to cut costs and you might not be getting the quality service you are paying for. Most small agencies have a core team for every client to lead and manage each task and project. Over time, this team feels like an extension of your company and this growth in partnership builds trust which in turn drives success.

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