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Why Does Consultative Selling Work?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Consultative selling has swiftly become the preferred sales methodology of high-growth startups and online businesses as well as larger organisations.

But what are some of the key principles, and how does consultative selling work?

Consultative Selling provides a coherent, consistent process which enables sales professionals to have successful conversations and build impactful knowledge-based customer relationships.

Check out these six Savvy steps to adopting a consultative selling methodology:


Effective planning and research leads to more productive customer meetings, increased reliability and trust which lead to a shorter sales cycle, and sales success. Using a clear & consistent methodology for meeting planning helps ensure the customer interaction moves positively in the direction of a sale.


Establishing a strong connection from the outset is vital to create an impact and sets the tone for the sales journey ahead. Building an authentic rapport by acknowledging shared priorities, pain-points and drivers is vital for ongoing dialogue and collaboration.


Perception is at the centre of consultative selling. Sales professionals need to connect and understand their customers and maintain engagement by having insightful conversations. Staying focused, showing empathy and personal interest are important guiding principles.


Often, the way a sales professional positions a specific solution can be complex and difficult for the customer to understand. Sales professionals need to promote values-led messaging and describe capabilities and solutions with clear, concise, and compelling language that link value and customer need directly.


Solution-based strategy focuses on a tailor-made solution developed in partnership with the client. Staying committed to the buyer's needs and experiences throughout the buyer-journey lowers the risk of rejection and increases the probability of winning the business. Being able to demonstrate that you can overcome challenges help them reach their goals within a defined timeline, and budget is crucial.


Ensure there are actionable next-steps following every client interaction. Getting feedback is essential to building further credibility and sets you apart from the competition. It allows for internal and external reflection prompting further discussion and greater potential for expeditious decision making leading you towards securing the business.

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