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Building an authentic brand strategy that will last.

Every brand wants to have an instantly effective presence that carves out a niche and stands out from the competition. However, because constant scrolling culture is rife, visual communication strategists have been inclined to want to break boundaries from a brand's inception and tear up the rule book in recent years & disrupt the norm. In reality these overcrowded waters are all vying for our attention and the challenge in business remains carving out a unique identity and establishing a purposeful presence in the market.

But do we need the noise and the hype and instant gratification, or should we build a brand strategy that will last?

In truth, a lot depends on the nature of the business the product or service and the competition. Whether you are a heritage brand looking to refresh and realign or a new startup looking to enter the market place the investment is an important one, and needs careful consideration from the outset.

Most of my clients want their marketing investment to carry them forward and therefore we aim to build an enduring brand voice over disruptive marketing theories because once the hype dies your brand seems instantly diluted and can get lost. Instead I advocate for building long lasting trust and loyalties with multi-faceted appeal - a brand environment where your customers feel comfortable, learn something and want to return to, time-and-time again.

A lot of my clients are afraid of not being cool enough but you can achieve trend based appeal without it becoming obsolete and outdated in three years time without the need to re-think everything again from the ground up every time trends move on. This would be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, whilst preventing positive progress and meaningful engagement.

A paired back, pliable approach should give you the perfect balance when cultivating your brand identity - a strategy that can be responsive to evolve both over time and with the times - something that has become massively important in all aspects of business strategy throughout 2020-21. So, how do we do that?

Build your brand with meaning.

Today's most successful brands create purpose as a constant theme focussing on how they want to maximise their energy and influence. Introspective thinking can result in a more authentic, engaging, and compelling brand voice overall. Great examples of this are Nike, Apple & Airbnb whose brand essence is simple, with an overriding purpose. They want to inspire us to:

Help create a world where you can belong anywhere. Inspire the athlete in everyone. Challenge the status quo.

The is aim is to resonate with the consumer, rather than just stand-out or overtly sell us something. Defining your brand essence means you can emulate what some of the largest marketing budgets are doing and echo it throughout your business, amplifying your message to targeted audiences. Tying everything back to your purpose means you can evaluate its effectiveness and impact and have a clear centre point to reflect on.

How do we communicate our purpose?

Once defined, the challenge is communicating your brand voice across the dizzying multi-platform soup of constantly turning social, digital, streaming arenas. The once held equation of the more content you put out there the higher the engagement, is no longer true. Consumers want to feel invested in, not shouted at. So, by creating more considered and targeted content you are reaching higher value audiences who are more likely to come back for more. Thinking about your brand in the long-term will show a better return than a quick-win paint-gun approach. Constantly reviewing and revisiting the purpose of the brand helps us to keep on track and remain relevant and more effective in the long-term.

Building trust

A brand with a longer term view becomes more effective because it earns our trust and adds value to our lives. We already know this because people are willing to pay more for a named brand than a generic one. This is due to the fact that the named brand has more perceived value and has demonstrated that value through trusted and sustained relationship with their customers. Trust is established through considered, consistent, communication over time, which starts with a strategy for long-term success. Although not easy, cutting out overt brand hype means you can focus on purposeful content, products or service-offerings, and build customer relationships that matter.

If you would like help in rethinking your brand voice get in touch with Paula and the team at Savvydesk.co.uk today.

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