*Our fee package guide below shows how you can scale your support spend according to budget. Please get in touch to discuss options further:  

doing work together



Pay as you go option based upon my standard rate of £35 per hour for one-off tasks and small projects designed as an introduction to working with us.  

Using time tracking software I provide a full report & breakdown of work completed to keep us on-track, rounding up/down to the nearest 15 minutes.



Package Includes:

End of task handover review

green papers


£ project scope

Fixed-rate package for perfect for one-off projects which may require an indeterminate number of hours depending on the brief. It is, therefore, more cost-effective for clients to pay per project. The cost of this service would depend upon the scope of the work to be carried out.




Package Includes:

Weekly review & plan call

hand motions



Retainer Package - suited for those business owners who require regular support and wish to guarantee my availability. I keep track of your time and always let you know if you are nearing your limit.  Unused hours at the end of each month cannot be carried over.


10 hours per month ~ £300

20 hours per month ~ £600

30 hours per month ~ £800


Package Includes:

Collaboration tool set up and weekly review call