SavvyDesk is led by founder Paula Harris

Paula brings over 15+ year's experience, working predominantly in the global pharmaceutical logistics sector, with senior roles in sales & marketing for one of the world's largest healthcare solution providers and a Fortune #500 company. Building on our wide professional experience and love of problem-solving strategies, we can offer a broad range of administrative services and expert skills such as sales & marketing strategy, analytics and operations, bid & tender management, sales enablement and have organised hundreds of events globally from small symposiums to global biomedical seminars.


"SavvyDesk grew from an idea I had when thinking about taking the plunge and running my own business. Recognising a growing trend towards outsourcing sales & marketing strategy, operations and multidisciplinary creative tasks, we aim to bring experience, skill and process from the corporate world by helping smaller companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to work smarter, ease pressure, and save money during crucial periods of growth"


"It is a huge privilege to be able to work virtually alongside inspiring professionals helping them get their work out to the world

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